We have been so blessed to present the wedding dress exhibit to our community for the past four years. In preparing for our fifth exhibit in 2016, we are overwhelmed with the generosity and thoughtfulness of brides, willing to share their stories and memories with us. It is with this outpouring of excitement that we have received many offers to display dresses, suits and gowns from almost every decade in the 20th Century.

Brides interested in placing their garment on display in the 2016 “Wedding Dresses Through the Decades” exhibit, submit the application form complete with a description of your dress and a photo if at all possible. This will enable us to select garments that represent the many decades, styles and stories that make this exhibit wonderful and engaging to our visitors. The more information you provide on this form, the more we have to share on the signs. Please make sure names (first,maiden and last) are printed and spelled correctly and dates are included.

The award winning “Wedding Dresses Through the Decades” exhibit will open on January 10, 2016 and be open to the public through March 6, 2016. We ask that applications and photos be returned as soon as possible. It is with pride that we can share with our community your stories and treasures again in 2016.

loan application for 2016

Email applications to mb@oaklandsmansion.org