Spotlight on the Collection

The Library, built circa 1858, contains one of the house’s finest pieces. The left bookcase is a Maney original, and used to have a mate piece. This bookcase possibly stood in the Library during the late 1850s and the Civil War.

Oaklands collection is primarily comprised of 1865 and earlier items commonly found in homes similar to Oaklands Mansion during it’s original occupancy by the Maney family. Subsequent, owners including the Darrow, Roberts and Jetton families, left their mark. The mansion was vacant and vandalized from 1954 until 1959. Once scheduled for demolition a group of ten local women organized Oaklands Association Inc, in 1959 and accepted the deed to the mansion.

Today, approximately one third of the collection is original to the mansion and the Maney family. Some photographs, personal items and furnishings from the later families are also found throughout the house museum. Additional items have a history of use in, or were made in, Murfreesboro or Rutherford County Tennessee and are likely similar to items that may have existed here.

The Rear Parlor houses several portraits of the Maney family. The portraits of Salley and Dr. James Maney are original oil paintings, created by Washington and William Bogart Cooper in the early 1800s. The Rear Parlor also features two Maney original Empire period pier tables and ruby red compotes from the Maney family.