African Americans and Oaklands: Individuals Forgotten By History

During the museum’s sixty plus years we’ve failed to properly collect and interpret the stories and life accomplishments of the African Americans who gave themselves to create the historic site that we operate today. Now, as an organization, we are asking for assistance from the African American community to aid in gathering these stories before more of the information is lost to history. An advisory committee is under development that will give greater voice to people of color. The group will provide guidance in the museum’s collection of information as well as interpretation of that information.

To learn more about those likely enslaved by the Maney family, visit: The Untold Stories Project Page.

To learn more about how you can support this mission, please visit the Evergreen Cemetery: Section “M” page.

If you’d like to be a part of this important and long overdue work, please contact us at

WGNS Radio Interview – Nick Cohn talks with Exec. Director of Oaklands Mansion James Manning, Audrey Creel, and Mary Watkins about preserving the history of those who came before us. Listen to the WGNS Radio Interview.