Fanny Maney

Fanny Maney made her entrance when she walked up to staff members on a hot rainy summer afternoon on June 8, 2019 while volunteers from the Rutherford County Archeological Society excavated Oaklands’ historic root cellar.  She was just a kitten then and decided right away that she would stay at Oaklands.  She loves other people, but has no time for animals.

In July of 2020 Fanny suffered a broken scapula from an attack, likely by a dog. It was a rare scapula break that did not require surgery or amputation.  She is grateful to her friends at Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro for graciously donating most of her care while she was recovering and out of work. Today, Fanny asks all Oaklands Mansion and Oaklands Park patrons to please keep their dogs on a leash at all times while visiting the grounds.

When Fanny isn’t on the job greeting guests in Oaklands’ Museum Shop you can often find her watching over us from trees and shrubbery around the mansion grounds.  She wears a cute little bell so she isn’t able to sneak up on birds and other wildlife. Usually the first question from her guests is, “where does she sleep?” Fanny spends most of her nights in the Museum Shop’s front counter chair. When she’s on break, she enjoys long walks in Oaklands Park. She’s a big licker and loves to lick visitors’ hands and automobiles bumpers to determine what their “neck of the woods” tastes like.

Fanny exhibits most of the characteristics of a Maine Coon including a cute little “M” on her forehead.

In 2022, Fanny was the subject of our Clue, Jr, party by Wild Goose Chase Events. Fanny has been the subject of countless photo shoots, made a special guest appearance in several plays and has walked down the aisle with more than a few brides.

She also serves as a support animal for residents and travelers alike who are missing their pet. We created this page on the fifth anniversary of the day that Fanny found us.  Please check back often for updates and new photos. You can also visit her Facebook page to find guest photos and stories.

You can also visit her Facebook page here and find guest photos and stories.