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Oaklands Historic House Museum is pleased to announce that professional photographers may request a  photo shoot inside the elegant Oaklands Mansion.

These photography appointments of one hour (set-up included)  are subject to the availability of the Museum.

Interior photo sessions will be restricted to six subjects the photographer and one assistant, plus an Oaklands staff member (total of eight (8) people and a staff member at any one time).


$100.00 for one or two subjects plus photographer and assistant

$150.00 for three to twelve subjects plus photographer and assistant

Please call for cost of larger groups.

For questions or to request a photography appointment inside the mansion please email or call Raina van Setter, Special Events Coordinator.


(615) 809-4776

The furnishings and other items of the collection shall not be moved or touched for any reason during photography sessions. 

Olivia-West Guest