Walk in the footsteps of Nathan Bedford Forrest, General Braxton Bragg and President Jefferson Davis on July 12th, the day prior to the storied anniversary of Forrest’s Raid, as we welcome one of Tennessee’s leading novelists, Dr. Michael R. Bradley. Held in one of the most elegant parlors in Middle Tennessee, Dr. Bradley will be speaking and signing his latest book, The Raiding Winter at Oaklands Historic House Museum.

In this exciting exposition, author Michael R. Bradley brings to life the Confederate cavalry operations during the winter of 1862. These strategic plans centered on an unprecedented use of horsemen in carefully orchestrated maneuvers to successfully strike behind enemy lines. The series of daring raids by Confederate riders were led by Gens. Nathan Bedford Forrest, John Hunt Morgan, Earl Van Dorn, and Joseph Wheeler. Although of widely different backgrounds and military expertise, these men earned a spot in history by taking advantage of the one area in which the Confederacy excelled – their cavalry. Under their leadership, relatively small numbers of gray horsemen held vastly superior Union forces in place for five months. Through a detailed, day-by-day analysis on their bold forays deep into Union territory, Bradley presents a clear and concise picture of exactly how these leaders revolutionized mobile warfare. This fascinating exploration of military strategy includes a final section that contains a breakdown of the regiments and individuals who were a part of what Bradley terms the “horsemen of the Confederate apocalypse.”

Admission is $10.00 per person with reservations required. Tickets may be purchased by phone or in person at Oaklands’ Visitors Center for either the 2:30pm or 3:30pm session.Oaklands Historic House Museum, located at 901 North Maney Avenue in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a nationally registered historic landmark that reflects a time of prosperity in the Old South, as well as the hardships suffered during the Civil War. For more information contact Oaklands at (615) 893-0022 or email

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