As we open the 5th Annual Wedding Dresses Through the Decades exhibit this week, we want to introduce you to the oldest dress on IMG_3278


We were honored to have it again this year as it is very difficult to find wedding dresses from the early decades. This dress was worn by Elvira Collier Goodyear Lyman on June 23, 1847 and again by Elizabeth Coats Newton on December 26, 1907. Elizabeth Coats Newton was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Coats. They resided with and kindly ministered to a Miss Ella Lyman during her long decline. Ella was the last survivor of the Collier and Goodyear families and the daughter of Sylvester Lyman and Elvira Goodyear. Elvira was born in 1828 and married Sylvester in 1847 in this wonderful gown at the age of nineteen. The gown was passed from the bride to her daughter, who gave it to Mrs. George Coats who had taken care of her during her long decline. The gown was worn again 60 years later by Mrs. Coats daughter, Elizabeth, in 1907.
Join us again this year as we honor our local history through fashion.