Oaklands Mansion in Partnership With MTSU Center for Chinese Music and Culture Presents: Ode To Autumn – A Concert Lecture of Classical Chinese Music

On Thursday, September 29th at 6:30PM guests enjoyed a musical performance of zheng and qin at Oaklands Mansion. The free concert featured classical repertoire for both the zheng and the qin, the two ancient Chinese long zithers each representing a significant aspect of the musical culture in Chinese history. Guest artist, Dr. Haiqiong Deng led the audience on a journey of music, culture, and sonic transformation. Through the focus on mindful listening, Dr. Deng introduced critical aspects in understanding Chinese music and how much mindfulness can serve everyday life in modern times. Learn more and listen here.

“Dr. Haiqiong Deng is a master performer of the Chinese 21-string zheng and 7-string qin. She has performed and lectured in a wide range of venues including universities, museums, folk festivals, and communities in the US and Asian counties. She has also premiered and recorded dozens of new compositions by American composers” said Dr. Mei Han Director of the Center for Chinese Music and Culture at Middle Tennessee State University.

The enjoyment of tea and the benefits of drinking tea has been inseparable from the accompanying music in Chinese tradition. We were honored to host Jinlan “Jenny” Zhong as she shared her exceptional expertise of tea culture during this event. An elegant display, demonstration and tea tasting was provided showcasing green, white, black, and oolong teas from the Fujian Province in China where Jenny’s family is involved in all aspects of the preservation, production and preparation of these ancient tea lineages.

This event was free and open to the public. Future partnership events with the Center for Chinese Music and Culture will be announced here and on Oaklands Mansion’s social media pages.